Our Focus is IOWA


We love it here, grew-up here, raise our families here, and we have made our choice to do business here.  We have tailored our process to focus on small to mid-size Iowa companies with revenues ranging from $1 million to $50 million in size.  In the end, we want opportunities that align with our principles, industry experience, work-ethic and vast professional network. 

Dial it down even further - great Iowa companies are challenged with the task of succession planning, often times believeing that their options are limited to either holding on too long, or selling to an outsider.  We open the field of options for the founders and leadership teams, focused on developing a structure that provides an appropriate exit, capital investment, management team continuity, operational excellence and a value on people and culture.  

Sector Focus

Manufacturing:  Industrial Equipment and Specialty Products

Supply-Chain Optimization:  Warehousing, Distribution and Strategic Outsourcing

Real-Estate:  Commercial, Industrial, Community Development and Storage