Our Principles drive us to be different

I. Value the Founder's Legacy

Every great company begins with a founder's passion for their product and their people.  We will partner with companies to preserve and protect this legacy when appropriate, not diminish or destroy it.  

II. We, not I

Ultimate success comes not from the contribution of an individual, but from the collective effort of a team.  We will work with diverse teams who share a passion for their people, their strategy, their product and their profitability.  

III. Radical Truth and Transparency

We will cultivate meaningful work and relationships ~ we will build cultures that encourage taking risks, and we understand that mistakes are part of the process, and it is unacceptable not to learn from them.  

IV. Buy to Hold

We will invest to hold for the long-term.  If we choose to exit a position, we will do it based on what is best for the people and the business, not based on fund timing.  

V. Give Back

We understand that companies must be embedded in their community.  We will be great partners with our local economic development, education and non-profit organizations.